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tv   News 4 Today at 430  NBC  April 12, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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being used as a pawn and some of their rights exchanged for federal rights. and they're saying they want to make sure d.c. is not used as a pawn in federal negotiations and that their budget is taken more seriously. this is what they're referring to when they say they want to see the city have budget autonomy. this is what the mayor had to say after his release. >> the importance of this to me is that we need to make a statement that what has happened in the budget process and happened repeatedly to the district of columbia is completely unacceptable. the riders placed in the budget are completely unacceptable. the fact that we were pulled into this process in the first place, completely unacceptable. it's time for the people to stand up and let the nation know we want to be first class citizens like everybody else. >> there were some 200 protesters involved yesterday. # 1 people were arrested, including the chair and several
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other council members as well in addition to the mayor. one of the council members called this 41 for 51, saying these 41 people who were arrested are moving toward d.c. becoming a 51st state in the united states. tracee wilkins live this morning. back to you all in the station. >> tracee, thanks very much. full details are emerging about the budget deal. in some cases they were printing money left over from several years. pell grants for poor college students and money for health research. meanwhile, on capitol hill, lawmakers are facing several new battles, including trimming the 2012 budget and raising the debt limit. and right now it is 4:31. time for a look at traffic and weather together. >> veronica is here to tell us about changes in our forecast. veronica, good morning. good morning. still talking about wet weather for the day today.
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but yesterday it looked as though we would have widespread weather moving across the area. still could have a few imbedded thunderstorms where there may be a severe thunderstorm warning. could be delivering high winds. not any widespread severe weather for the area. we're at 68 degrees. wind north at 6 miles per hour. a warm air mass over this area. still 70 in fredericksburg. 68 in cleveland park. suitland, 66. lleytonsville, alexandria, 67 degrees. you're looking at the current radar. right now we have rain come sboog cumberland, outside winchester. it will be a couple hours, until 6:30 before this match gets over us. a few imbedded thunderstorms until the mass gets over us. and imbedded thunderstorms coming your way in the afternoon. that passes over us this morning. at the bus stop this morning, 57
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to 66. big range in temperatures. overcast. make sure the kids have the umbrella this morning. still could have thunderstorms this afternoon but no widespread severe weather. jerry. we start the rush offer off quietly. without the thunderstorms crews continue to do their work out there. 395, 14th street bridge. on the d.c. end that is the construction island. so if you're coming 395 northbound and you want to stay on north 14th
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welcome back to weather and traffic on the ones. outside mostly dry conditions. but awfully mild. we are seeing temperatures currently in the upper 60s through the area from annan detail and fairfax, 67. berry farms, 68. waldorf, 67. buoy rate now at 66 degrees. mostly dry conditions. rain off to the west around hagerstown, k in west virginia but headed this way. light rain. occasionally moderate rain. could see imbedded thunderstorms as well. oh, yeah, the other thing for today is it might be mild this morning but we'll have falling temperatures from the 60s to the 50s. so from about 66 degrees where we are right now to about 56. showers coming through the area tomorrow mainly before noon time. we'll look at the capital beltway. overnight road work headed in a couple spots in the green belt
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area. once you get down to route 4, both directions moving along nicely. dry pavement at least for the beginning of the early morning commute. beltway in virginia, any overnight road work out of the way traveling between springfield. and speaking of springfield, northbound i-95, southbound. h.o.v. right at the springfield interchange. pulled up. lanes reopened. >> thanks so much, jerry. still to come. where a parking crackdown is about to happen today. and new criminal charges police are filing in connection with the deaths of dozens of cats. cats.
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behind a smaller couple air jet. whoa! it caught the tail of the other on jet and spun it around. it just landed and was making its way to the gate. there were no injuries on board either plane. take a look at this again. that is pretty amazing. long island, new york, police are searching for more evidence of a serial killer. police have uncovered 10 sets of human remains in just the last eight months. curt gregory reports. >> reporter: the investigation continues today on long island. more remains found monday near jones beach in southern long island. this time nassau county. >> it's all been very startling. >> reporter: an intense search is already under way in the area. a search that began last december in the case of a missing woman, shannon gilbert. growing more gruesome by the day. >> we're doing as thorough a search as we possibly can.
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>>reporter: monday, investigators and dogs scoured jones beach state park and found more remains. eight sets of human remains had already been found in nearby suffolk county. >> just amazing we're finding these things. obviously we have a lot of work to do. >> reporter: reports suggests the suspect may even be somebody with connections through law enforcement. police and park visitors are growing more concerned. >> all i want to do is see them catch the person that did this thing. it's a terrible thing really. >> reporter: until then, the investigation continues, along with the mystery. a source close to the investigation told nbc new york that some of more recent bodies may not fit the pattern of the first four discovered and that they may have been dumped years earlier. that source says that raise the possibility there is no connection between the first four victims and the ones found recently. 4:46 is the time. herndon woman is facing charges
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this morning after police found dozens of dead cats in her home last week. 50-year-old pamela welcome el is charged with improperly disposing of dead animals. she left her cats at the home while she traveled for the holidays. police responded to the neighborhood for reports of loose dogs. they noticed a foul odor coming from the home and saw a dead cat through the window. the home has since been declared uninhabitable. metro's peak of the peak surcharge hasn't seemed to deter riders from traveling during the rush hour. they travel an additional 20 cents. according to a new metro report, only 3% of riders shifted their trips. more riders are, however, using smartrip cards. it costs an extra 25 cents. since that took effect, smartrip
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use rose from 76% to 79%. two controversial bills on their way to governor martin o'malley's desk this morning. the first bill will raise the state's alcohol tax from 6% to 9%. the revenue would go towards education and the development developmentally disabled. the second is the so-called dream act which grants in-state college tuition rates to undocumented immigrants whose parents paid their taxes while living in maryland. o'malley says he will sign both bills. now to decision 2012. former massachusetts governor mitt romney has taken the first step toward running for president. he formally announced the exploratory committee, meaning he can start fund-raising. lost to john mccain three years ago. so far romney and former minnesota governor poe lenty announced exploratory
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committees. nfl players association will meet with a court-appointed mediator. u.s. district judge susan nelson is appointed chief magistrate judge bowlen. both sides will meet individually before the talks begin on thursday. judge nelson said the new round of mediation would not affect the players's lawsuit to end the owner-imposed lockout. both sides negotiated for more than two weeks earlier this year before those talks broke down in march. rebound tipped away. and the wizards hang on to beat the celtics in overtime. >> the wizards took advantage of the celtics resting four starters to cap off their last home game with a win. washington looked sharp all night. check out this behind-the-back pass for the dunk. it was crawford who came through in the clutch, knocking down the jumper to force overtime. and in o.t., it's crawford again this time for three.
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there you go. to give the whiz the lead and ultimately the win, 95-94, the wizards fifth win in seven games >> well, under the theme all is well that ends well, wizards had a good season. it's warming up outside, what better way to celebrate than with free ice cream. today ben and jerry stores are giving away free ice cream cones. between noon and 8:00 p.m., one free cone with any flavor you would like. when you say loaded, we're probably talking one scoop. >> it's still loaded with calories, that's for sure. are you getting in line right after the show? >> i think i will probably be there. that's where you can find me. >> we know your weakness for ice cream. >> when we said we were warming up outside, we weren't talking specifically for today. just in general, it's spring. it's warming up. today we'll be moving the other way from the 80s to the 60s and even falling temperatures as the day unfolds.
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so this morning will be the warmest part of the day. the other thing that's changed, doesn't look like any widespread severe weather. 68 degrees. right now the temperature is at 57%. and we've got a north wind. it's just 6 miles per hour right now. but that wind could be picking up later today and tomorrow morning. look at this. 70s down south in fredericksburg. culpepper, 70 degrees. 67 in sterling. 68 degrees right now just inside the beltway. where those showers are currently, just off to the west from hagerstown to harrison burg. most of the rain. again, that's just showers. a few springers in culpepper, southern faulkier county. the rain in ohio on the warm side, eastern west virginia and what will be moving this way. that means that we could have a few imbedded thunderstorms. as far as the severe weather
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goes yesterday. take a look. didn't have any tornado reports yesterday but a lot of wind damage from kentucky down through areas of northwestern georgia, alabama and mississippi. so here is the possibility that any of the storms come through the area today could be delivering high wind and heavy rain. heavy rain through kentucky and tennessee. low pressure advancing north and east. right now showers for the morning. maybe an imbedded thunderstorm. we could be looking at some heavier rain or moderate to heavy rain coming our way between noon and 5:00. 64, new york. 66 in boston. now, our temperatures will be falling today. but a little bit of a slower decline on the temperatures north and east as the low takes its time moving northeast. but cooler conditions behind it. tomorrow we're still stuck with clouds and showers for at least the first half of the day tomorrow. all right. for the afternoon, occasionally moderate rain. a few imbedded thunderstorms. falling from 66 to 56 degrees by the time we get to the late
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afternoon hours. northeast wind 10 to 20 miles per hour. so, again, picking up. showers fort evening not as heavy. 50 to 58 degrees. sunset, 7:42. for tomorrow morning, it will be cool, overcast. still scattered rain but light rain fort area, between 45 and 49 degrees. here's a look at our four-day forecast for today. 60s to the 50s. you'll need the jacket, the umbrella. for wednesday, high of 60. sunshine returns on thursday. so pretty good wrap to this week. and for the week general right now could have passing storms. let's get a look at traffic with jerry edwards. >> interstate 66 right before you get to the beltway picked up for the morning. all the construction barrels pushed over to the shoulder right now anyway. haymarket, manassas, you are good to go. let's hope it stays that way for a while. the trip on 270 southbound from montgomery down towards 370, right side of the roadway closed. they're wrapping that up.
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picking up the cones one by one as we speak. one more stop, beltway, inner loop, head up from route 50 to i-66, left lanes closed. it appears they're getting out just in time. joe, eun. >> jerry, thanks very much. it's now 4:53. if you use the commuter lots in stafford county, be careful where you park from now on. police have started ticketing and towing drivers who park illegally. drivers have been making their own spots in the landscaping and over the curb. some people are parking in clearly marked no parking zones and fire lanes. police have been giving up warnings about 75 a day. now vehicles blocking travel lanes are boeing towed. vehicles parked illegally are getting $81 ticket. museums across the country are making pitches to try to land one of the spacecrafts. nasa will let us know where they are headed today.
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booster ignition and the final liftoff of" discovery". national air and space museum will get one of the space shuttles. the fate of the other three will be learned when nasa makes its announcement later today. they have been flying space exploration and research missions for 30 years. 4:54, 69 degrees. coming up, a live report on the arrest of d.c. mayor vince enlt gray and several other city leaders. police released them early this morning. once they told us once they were freed. weeks away from her wedding. royal bride to be kate middle ton makes admissions. where d.c. falls on a new list
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good morning. it is that time of year as trees and flowers and grass grow this spring, so do the effects of allergies. there is no place that's really safe from all that pollen in america. some cities are more problematic than others. the top 100 most challenging places to live with spring allergies. number one is knoxville, tennessee. well, we're not there. washington region ranked 25th. san diego came in at 100. and we're not there. the rankings are based on pollen count and the number of people seeking treatment among other factors. well, steve carell will say
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good-bye to "the office" in a super-sized episode. it will april april 28th in a 50-minute broadcast. carell says he's leaving the show to focus more on his movie career. nbc has made no announcement about who might fill in for the void but several guest stars have appeared, including will farrell. he's hilarious. >> he is hilarious. sarcastic and awkward. clueless. just clueless about life i think. >> that show it catches you off guard. it is laugh out loud funny at times. >> i think it's the funniest show on television. i think it's terrific. >> he's already got a great movie career. >> hard to imagine anybody that can really replace him. will farrell is a possibility. he is very, very funny.
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>> it's hilarious. he has a great movie career too so who knows if he will want that
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